15 Inspiring Spring Design Books to Preorder Now

Oliver Cope Architect: City, Country, Sea (Triglyph Books)

When a home perfectly nestles into its surroundings, while lighting up the eyes of everyone who passes by or is invited indoors, it’s the clear sign of a master architect. Oliver Cope Architect is such a firm, and the practice, run by Oliver Cope, Olivia Rowan, and Rita Marks, gets its moment in the sun with a new book dedicated to the residences it has created in rural and urban settings. “The finished work is like a Rubik’s cube, with all the colors on each of the faces lining up,” writes Clive Aslet in the book’s introduction. “It creates a sense of satisfaction in the viewer, even if he or she does not know precisely how it is done, or perhaps does not actually notice.” The monograph offers a chance to relish in the hidden details, with photography, floor plans, and hand drawings underscoring the firm’s meticulous attention to form, function, and craft. — A.W.

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