House Call: Embracing My Outdoor Persona

Last year was a lot of things (understatement of the century), but for me, personally, it was the year I really became an outdoor person. The feeling of being trapped in New York City, where any small square footage of fresh air became this nerve-wracking zone of too much breath and stress, pushed me to venture out into the woods. One leisurely weekend spent hiking with my partner turned into camping every weekend, which eventually had us trekking into the Wyoming wilderness for three days, sleeping near a moose, and bathing in ice-cold streams. Soon the spare room in our tiny apartment began filling with sleeping bags, hammocks, ultra-light cookware, and every piece of gear in between. Where I once felt anxious putting together a proper daypack of supplies, I can now fill a pack with everything I need to survive a week away from civilization in 30 minutes flat.

I’ve never been against the outdoors, but I don’t think I had a need for it until now. Foraging for mushrooms, walking down a forest path, sitting on a large rock…this type of living is reviving me. Plus, a look through my most recent bank statement includes two large garden hoses, rubber boots, extra sunscreen, and a set of outdoor furniture, meaning I’m fully invested in the great outdoors. So, without further ado, here are some of the things making me excited about getting out of the house.

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